Bahawal Victoria Hospital bans jeans, high heels, & heavy makeup for female doctors

Dr. Muhammad Yunus Waraich, medical superintendent of Bahawal Victoria Hospital, has banned jeans in the hospital and made dupattas and scarves mandatory for women medical officers and paramedics. According to reports, the move was taken as part of the hospital’s commitment to ‘promote Islam’ and improve society. Mr. Warraich provided an official notification at the BV Hospital outlining the clothing items allowed and prohibited.

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According to the latter, prohibited items include jeans, ankle-high trousers, heavy makeup, high heels, extreme hairstyles, nail paint, and chappals, etc. Lab coats, maternity gowns, and an unadorned dupatta were made mandatory in the hospital premises for female doctors, says Mr. Warraich.

Source: The Friday Times