73-year-old former Finance Ministry employee Fayyaz Akhtar delivers food in Islamabad to earn a living

Over the course of his 27-year career, Fayyaz Akhtar has worked in the Ministry of Finance. Yet despite his age and overburdened debts, he has started to work. Fayyaz reportedly has one son, a wife, and three grandchildren, along with a daughter-in-law. During the COVID shutdown, all of the accumulated capital was spent, he added.

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Fayyaz Akhtar receives a pension of Rs 25,000, which goes up with the cost of house rent. As per him, he has paid back some of its loans, however, he still has to pay Rs 4 lacs. “Despite my heart’s desire to worship and rest more at home at this age, I must work in order to meet the needs of the family,” he said.

Source: MM News