Toronto Police term death of Baloch rights activist Karima Baloch as “non-criminal”

Toronto Police have termed the death of Baloch rights activist Karima Baloch, who went missing over the weekend before being found dead, as “non-criminal”. Karima Baloch, who hailed from Balochistan, was living in Canada in exile for about five years. “The circumstances have been investigated and officers have determined this to be a non-criminal death and no foul play is suspected,” the police said.

It added that Karima’s family had been updated on the findings.

The Toronto Police Service said it was aware of “heightened community and media interest” surrounding the investigation of Karima’s death.

Amid unverified reports — mostly in the Indian media — that Karima had been killed, authorities in Toronto had said they were investigating the death as non-criminal and that there were “not believed to be any suspicious circumstances”.

Karima was a prominent student organiser who campaigned for Balochistan’s rights and later moved to Canada amid threats. She was named one of the BBC’s 100 inspirational and influential women of 2016.

Source: Dawn