Tayaba Organization Becomes First to Raise RS 2M in an NFT Fundraiser Using Crypto

Pakistani nonprofit Tayaba Organization has auctioned a limited collection of Non-Fungible Tokens in order to raise awareness about their water access program. Tayaba Organization has become Pakistan’s first NGO to adopt blockchain-based NFT technology for fundraising purposes in the philanthropic sector. In an ongoing auction, Tayaba has managed to raise over Rs. 2m ahead of International Charity Day ranging from $41 up to $3,876.

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Several people expressed interest in the campaign after seeing its innovative and creative nature on Instagram. NFTs include Trading Cards which represent each of these values and portray the impact of Tayaba’s H2O Wheels on their users. The money raised from the sale of NFTs will allow the charity to continue its mission of providing water accessibility in poor communities and areas.

Source: Geo News