Taliban thanks world for promised aid, asks United States to show “heart”

Taliban leaders on Tuesday thanked the international community for providing emergency aid to Afghanistan and urged the United States to show a “heart” in future dealings. Acting foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi said that donors’ money would be spent wisely and used to fight poverty. “America is a big country, they need to have a big heart,” he said.

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He spoke one day after the UN said it had pledged US$1.2 billion for Afghanistan, which had been taken over by the Taliban on Aug 15th. “The Islamic Emirate will try its best to deliver this aid to the needy people in a completely transparent manner,” Muttaqi said. Moreover, he called on Washington to express gratitude to the Taliban for letting the US pull out 26,000 troops and evacuate 120,000 people last month.

Source: Dawn News