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With 80,000 TikTok followers in just two months, Charlie Chaplin from KP aims to raise a smile in bleak times

With more than TikTok 800,000 followers in just two months, Pakistan’s Charlie Chaplin in a bowtie, bowler hat and a cane has risen to success. Usman Khan, 28, from Peshawar, used to sell children’s toys from a roadside stand but during the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed himself into Charlie Chaplin, a century after the silent comedian was propelled to global fame with his slapstick antics.

Farooq Sattar has saved my phone number as ‘naughty girl’: Hareem Shah

TikTok celebrity Hareem Shah has said that former MQM leader Dr Farooq Sattar has saved her number on his mobile phone as ‘naughty girl’. After a video of Hareem and Sattar meeting in a hotel room went viral all over social media, Hareem decided to answer some questions that the public had left for her.

Famous TikTok star Hareem Shah harassed in Dubai

TikTok star Hareem Shah revealed in a Twitter post that she was verbally and sexually harassed by  a large group of men in Dubai. Hareem- who drew widespread public backlash for filming inside the Foreign Office – was invited as a guest to a store opening in Dubai’s Oasis Mall. “Is this how you treat your women??”, Hareem questioned in her social media post.