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Police in Karachi arrests nine-year-old car ‘thief’

The Karachi police has arrested a nine-year-old suspected car thief after several days of efforts. A nine-year-old child stole a car from Karachi’s Khayaban-e-Mujahid out of desperation to drive a car. Upon being informed, the Darakhshan police chased him and arrested from Sea View area. The car thief has been identified as Bilal and hailed from Machar colony, said police.

Policemen donning body cameras posted in Islamabad

Policemen with body cameras and special tablets have been posted at five different checkposts across the capital city, according to the Islamabad police. They said these cameras linked to the safe city system will record conversation between citizens and officials at pickets. The move is aimed at addressing complaints of alleged police officials’ misbehaviour with people or vice versa at checkposts and to upgrade and bring the force up to international standards.

Fake CIA officials loot a police SP in Islamabad

Bannu SP, Nisar Ahmed Khan, has registered a case at the Margalla Police Station in Islamabad after he and his wife were robbed by thieves impersonating as CIA officials. The two were robbed at Margalla Road in Islamabad in November when fake officials stopped their car and asked them for the documents. The document inspection then turned into an armed robbery, as the robbers stole 8 tolas of gold.

World’s first robot police dog launched to fight crime

The most recent addition to Police’s arsenal is a robot dog that serves as a mobile remote observation device. Massachusetts State Police in the US is secretly testing Boston Dynamics’ Spot to assess its usability for fighting crime. According to the agreement details, the robot is not armed, however, it can serve useful purposes like discovering hiding places of suspects, probe suspicious packages, and investigate crime scenes.

Ideas to replace police check posts, winner gets 2 million

Fawad Chaudhry, Federal Minister for Science and Technology called for people to come up with distinctive and futuristic ideas and solutions to replace Police checkpoints. The deadline for the competition is 3 weeks. As crossing checkpoints and waiting in queues become a hassle for the citizens, it is a great opportunity for the technology lovers to find a way to replace it.