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Dutch football star Clarence Seedorf converts to Islam

The Dutch football legend Clarence Seedorf has announced that he has converted to Islam, the 45-year-old said on Friday from his official Instagram account. Clarence Seedorf played for many big-name clubs, including Ajax, Real Madrid, Inter Milan and AC Milan, throughout his remarkable career. Seedorf said: “A special thanks to all the nice messages in celebration of me joining the

England cricketer and Singaporean all-rounder, were very intrigued by Islam: Mohammad Rizwan

Pakistan wicket-keeper batter, Mohammad Rizwan, shared some dressing room secrets with the cricket fans. The Multan Sultans skipper said that some of his teammates including England cricketer, David Willey, and Singaporean all-rounder, Tim David, had asked a lot of questions about Islam. He further added that the queries of non-Muslims pertaining to our religious prayers shows their interest in Islam.

Hamza Ali Abbasi says he just took a break from acting to give time to religion

Hamza Ali Abbasi has said that he just took a long break from acting to give more time to religion and will make and may act in projects made within boundaries Almighty Allah has set for us. The former actor was responding to a fan on Twitter when she said “Really wish Hamza hadn’t quit acting.”

Swedish researchers discover ‘Allah’ written on ancient viking clothes

Ancient vikings had the words ‘Allah’ and ‘Ali’ woven with silk and silver thread  into their funeral clothes, according to a discovery made by Swedish researchers. The breakthrough was made by textile archaeologist Annika Larsson of Uppsala University while re-examining the remnants of burial costumes. The discovery is raising new questions about the influence of Islam in Scandinavia.

Canadian traveller converts to Islam after spending time in Pakistan

Rosie Gabrielle, a solo Canadian traveller who visited Pakistan and spent time exploring the country, converts to Islam. The travel blogger praised Pakistan and its people who helped her get rid of the pain she has been going through for years and fulfill her desire to be free.

Six dead in India as protesters continue to fight citizenship changes

As clashes continue in India after controversial citizenship law, death toll has risen to six. In Assam, four people died after being shot by police, while another was killed when a shop he was sleeping in was set on fire and a sixth after he was beaten up during a protest. Some 5,000 people took part in a fresh demonstration on Sunday.

Bollywood star calls it quits to strengthen bond with Allah

Famed Bollywood star, Zaira Wasim, has said goodbye to her acting career in a long heart-felt post on social media, claiming she “lost all the ‘Barakah’ (blessing)” from her life. The 18-year old ‘Dangal’ star said her profession has distanced her from Allah. Now wanting to regain her Iman, Zaira decided to end her 5 -year-long career.

Muslim man in India lynched on video in a case of religious violence

Indian police has arrested 11 people after a 10-minute video went viral showing a Muslim man being beaten up by group of men. Tabrez Ansari, 24, who later succumbed to his wounds, was tied to a pole, was tortured and forced to shout “Jai Shri Ram” (Hail Lord Ram). Hindu vigilantes accused Tabrez had carried out burglary in Jharkhand.