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Latest iPhone might be replacing your car keys

Apple, which was once a pioneer of innovations in smartphones, now wants the iPhone to replace your car keys. The tech company announced at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, a new feature that uses the smartphone to unlock and start a car. Apple will first roll out the feature on the 2021 BMW 5 Series, and will eventually expand to other cars.

Apple to let users buy iPhone through monthly Apple Card bill

CEO Tim Cook has announced that later this year, users will be able to buy an iPhone on an Apple Card, pay for it over 24 months with zero interest, get 3 percent cash back on the purchase, and manage payments in the Wallet app. While Apple already offers a number of ways to finance the cost of the iPhone, “manage payments in the Wallet app” portion is the working solution.

Apple is laying the groundwork for an iPhone subscription

Some investors want Apple to sell its iPhone on a subscription basis to shift more of Apple’s revenue from transactional sales to recurring revenue. Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn’t shoot down the idea during a conference call on Wednesday and suggests that Apple is working on new ways to pay for iPhones on a monthly basis. He also mentioned that a lot of users want a sort of recurring payment like that and he is well aware of that. 

Apple reveals triple-camera iPhone, rolls out $5/month streaming TV service

Apple Inc, in its biggest marketing event of the year, revealed a triple-camera iPhone, and it rolled out a streaming TV service priced at $5 a month, undercutting Disney and Netflix. Prices start at $699, down from last year’s new iPhone that started at $749. Apple said its new iPhone 11 will come with two back cameras, including an ultra wide-angle lens.

Government to collaborate with Chinese company to establish a mobile phone plant in Haripur

The government is ready to establish a mobile phone manufacturing plant in Haripur in collaboration with the private sector, dropping the idea of privatizing the Telephone Industry of Pakistan (TIP). To fully realize the potential of IT sector, talks are underway with five to six different Chinese companies for establishing a mobile handset manufacturing plant.

Apple vows to reward $ 1 million to anyone who can hack an iPhone

Apple has massively increased the amount it’s offering hackers for finding vulnerabilities in iPhones and Macs, up to $1 million. It’s by far the highest bug bounty on offer from any major tech company. That’s up from $200,000, and in fall the program will be open to all researchers. Previously only those on company’s invite-only bug bounty program were eligible to receive rewards.

Apple’s iPhone 11 might have a squared triple lens camera system

As Apple gears for the launch of iPhone 11 this fall, market speculations about the new phones suggest that Apple will introduce three new iPhones with minimal design changes. Following Samsung’s and Huawei’s recent launches, Apple is expected is introduce a round square shaped triple lens back camera system to the new iPhones, along with the ability to charge other device.