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Vendors serving expired food at Karachi airport to be fined

Vendors who have been serving expired food items at the Karachi airport will now be fined Rs100,000 and their licences will be cancelled. Contractors will be fined Rs4,000 for using mobile phones while providing services to passengers, not wearing uniforms or displaying their ID cards. Similarly, misbehaving with passengers will land them a fine of Rs6,000.

PCB imposes fine on players failing their fitness tests

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)  has decided to impose a 15% fine on salary of players who will fail their fitness tests. PCB has stepped up its efforts to ensure that all players are well-conditioned for the upcoming tours. The players will be tested in five major areas namely fat analysis, strength, endurance, speed endurance and cross-fit, with all five areas carrying equal marks.

Pakistan flour mills association fined for illegally increasing prices

Competitive Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has imposed a heavy fine of Rs. 75 million on Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFMA) for illegally increasing prices. The association has been involved in fixing the market prices of flour along with the production of the mills causing higher prices of the most demanding eatable item throughout the country.

Online retailer slapped Rs 50,000 fine for faulty product

A consumer court on Satur­day imposed fines on a leading online retailer for providing a faulty product to a customer. Dania Kashif, the customer  filed a complaint against Daraz.pk and contended that she ordered one Play-Doh DohVinci from the website, but the product was dry and in bad condition and the price mentioned on the box was Rs6,730 instead of Rs7,795.