SpaceX’s Inspiration4 mission becomes the first to put all-civilian into Earth orbit

A SpaceX’s Inspiration4 mission carried the first-ever all-citizen crew into orbit on Wednesday from Florida. The mission was led by Jared Isaacman, CEO of Shift4 Payments, launched from Cape Canaveral’s Kennedy Space Center. Moreover, it has been reported that all three other members are less-wealthy private citizens. It is the first crewed mission to orbit without a professional astronaut.

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The capsule had reached its final cruising orbital altitude of just more than 585km. The space capsule was higher than the International Space Station or Hubble Space Telescope. This is the furthest any human has flown from Earth since Nasa’s Apollo moon program ended in 1972, according to SpaceX. According to mission officials, the flight will last about three days from launch to splashdown in the Atlantic.

Source: Irish Times