Sajid Sadpara will aim to climb K2 in search of Ali Sadpara’s body, make documentary

Sajid Ali Sadpara said on Thursday that he and his team would be heading to the summer summit of K2 in search of the body of Ali Sadpara. Sajid Sadpara is planning to film a documentary about Ali Sadpara and John Snorri. Sajid Sadpara plans to go to K2 and see what happened to his father and John Snorri there.

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The documentary is in progress and Sajid is climbing K2 in order to complete it. Additionally, Sajid hopes to search for the dead body on K2. The team will likely need 40 to 45 days to climb the mountain. Ali Sadpara and other climbers went to K2 last year and never returned. Furthermore, Ali Sadpara was the first to climb the second largest mountain in the world.

Source: Geo News