Rosie Gabrielle, Canadian traveler, accuses local tourists of destroying Hunza’s culture

Rosie Gabrielle, a famous Canadian traveler who often travels around the world on a motorbike, wrote an extensive post on social media regarding the situation in Hunza. As tourism resumed after the third Covid wave, many tourists headed to northern Pakistan to see a change of scenery. Nonetheless, the tourists who visited the area overflowed with trash, which shattered the natural beauty.

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She said that when I went north, that was one of my worst experiences in Pakistan. Moreover, the amount of disturbance she received from tourists almost caused her to have a nervous breakdown. What locals go through on a daily basis is beyond my comprehension.

Moreover, Rosie Gabrielle added that everyone needs to express themselves, release pressured energies, & break free from their suffocating lives. We cannot accept your toxic habits to be brought to innocent communities just because you are in a sacred land.

Source: The Express Tribune