Rashid Naseem breaks another Indian record of crushing most walnuts with an elbow

The Pakistani martial artist, Rashid Naseem, has created another record by crushing as many walnuts as he can with his elbow. As per sources, Rashid once again claimed his walnut-crushing record. His performance was more impressive this time, crushing 315 walnuts in a minute. Rashid had previously crushed 195 walnuts in a minute.

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Later, Indian martial artist Prabhakar Reddy crushed 229 walnuts in a minute to break his record. In later matches, Rashid broke Reddy’s record by crushing 256 walnuts in a minute. After shredding 279 walnuts in January 2021, Sajeet Kumar, the student of Reddy, again took back the record. Today, the Pakistani martial artist once again challenged the Indian martial artists and regained his position with 315 crushings. Currently, he holds 70 martial arts international records.

Source: Bol News