Pakistani miniature artist breaks three Indian records by making tiniest vacuum cleaner

Ahsan Qayyum, a miniature artist who claims the World Record, created the world’s tiniest vacuum cleaner. He had to attempt three times before he finally broke the world record after 11 months. Qayyum gained recognition by Guinness World Records for the world’s tiniest vacuum cleaner, measuring 1.3cm in diameter. He breaks the three records held by Indian miniature artists.

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In the past, an Indian artist made a vacuum cleaner as small as 2.9cm before Ahsan. Qayyum created a machine with a diameter of 1.9cm, breaking the record for the smallest size machine ever built by any human. Furthermore, another Indian artist made a cleaner that measured 1.76cm, breaking Ahsan’s record by 14mm. Ahsan reduced his machine to 1.46cm but still failed to set a record as another artist made a machine 1.4cm long. In spite of having failed to break Indian records over and over again, Qayyum’s 1.3cm vacuum machine finally took the Guinness World Record.

Source: Pak Observer