Pakistan successfully conducts training launch of Babur cruise missile

Pakistan has conducted a successful training launch of the Babur IA cruise missile, said a statement by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR). The cruise missile has a range of 450 kilometres and can be launched from either a submarine or a land-based quad-launcher. The military’s media wing added that the missile is “capable of engaging targets at land and sea with high precision”.

This is the third missile launch by the armed forces in less than a month, with launches of the Shaheen-3 and Ghaznavi ballistic missiles being conducted in late January and early February respectively.

In 2018, the military conducted the first successful submarine launch of the Babur cruise missile, giving Islamabad a credible second-strike capability and augmenting the existing deterrence regime.

The submarine-launched version of the Babur is also capable of delivering different kinds of payloads and employs underwater controlled propulsion, advanced guidance and navigation features.

Source: Express Tribune