Pakistan acquires J-10C fighter jets from China to combat India’s rafale

In response to India’s purchase of Rafale jets, the Pakistan Air Force has acquired 25 Chengdu J-10 (J-10C) multirole fighter jets from China. Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, the interior minister, disclosed this during a press conference on Wednesday. The minister announced that the first batch of Chinese fighter jets will be delivered by March next year.

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A squadron of 25 J-10s will take part in the celebrations of Pakistan Day on 23 March, he announced. He revealed that a squadron of 25 J-10s will take part in the Pakistan Day celebrations on 23 March.

J-10C, or a derivative version adapted to the PAF’s needs, is a modern, powerful, multi-role, single-engine fighter. It is equipped with an active electronically scanning radar, powerful ECM, low radar cross-section, as well as a wide variety of smart weapons.

Source: FirstPost