Need to connect with Pakistan’s finest freelancers? ‘Savvy’ has got the solution to your problems

Do you require highly professional video editing for your new advertisement, new artwork for your startup, or more –  Savvy- Pakistan’s premium freelance marketplace has you covered. Savvy, an all new interactive platform aims to connect Pakistan’s finest freelancers to people who are looking for professionals services. Buying and selling services on Savvy comes with a modest fee, but provides a holistic solution.

How can one sell services on Savvy?
The first step to being a specialist on Savvy is to sign up on the platform. Once you’ve created a profile you will be registered as a seller by default. If you want to sell, not buy, then apply to become a Savvy specialist. This is a short process in which you’ll be asked to create a gig description and upload a portfolio. Go ahead and make a good advertisement for yourself – once that’s done, you’re all set as a Savvy specialist.

How can one buy services from Savvy specialists?
Savvy provides a quick and easy interface between the buyer and the seller. Each service is called a “gig” as a general term due to the large range in the work one can get done on the site. For example, let’s suppose someone needs to have a resume edited for an important interview. Within a few simple clicks from convenient list of gigs on the page, the user could be getting expert analysis of the documents, and for a fair price.

Savvy’s vision is to enable the youth of Pakistan and equip them with a platform which allows them to compete internationally with other freelancers and harness new earning opportunities.

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