Hania Amir’s recent video controversy raises prevailing issue of cyberbullying

Pakistani actress Hania Amir and singer Asim Azhar’s mysterious tweets topped Twitter trends in Pakistan. The trend began after Hania posted a video of her with Wajahat Rauf’s son on Instagram. The video of Hania has been the subject of hateful comments since Friday. The public accuses her of displaying “vulgarity” to get attention. 

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Hania’s supporters defended her, saying she frequently posts videos of herself engaging with friends. Twitter is also raging with the cyberharassment faced by Hania during her Instagram live session. Individuals who experience cyberharassment may experience significant psychosocial consequences such as anxiety, depression, and other stress-related conditions. However, these deep-rooted outcomes are largely ignored during such social media fiascos.

Hania, nevertheless, received immense support from many celebrities, especially men including Danyal Zafar, Fahad Mustafa, Ali Zafar and Shahveer Jafry. Yasir Hussain also called all artists to fight cyber bullying with a ‘thick skin’ and do not divide on the matter.


Source: Bol News