Google Doodle honors legendary Moin Akhtar on his 71st birth anniversary

Google celebrated the 71st birthday of legendary artist and comedian Moin Akhtar with a doodle. The doodle was illustrated by Hazem Asif, a digital artist from Lahore, Pakistan. It was inspired by the retro technicolor palette of the 90s to create the doodle for the iconic humorist. Hazem explained that he was inspired to make Akhtar’s doodle have a classic feel. 

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He subtly pays homage to Akhtar’s timeless legacy, invoking a sense of nostalgia among the viewers. He was born on this day in Karachi in 1950 and became an acclaimed entertainer. Moin Akhtar died in April 2011 after a heart attack in Karachi.

Source: ARY News