Facebook and Zindagi Trust join hands to combat online child abuse

Facebook and Zindagi Trust join hands to increase awareness in Pakistan regarding the harm that can result from sharing child abuse material online. Moreover, they strive to spread awareness as to the importance of reporting this to the appropriate authorities. The marketing campaign is an outcome of analysis performed by Facebook, the NCMEC, and Professor Ethel Quayle, an international main medical psychologist.

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The campaign focuses on sexual offenders and aims to discover why individuals share child exploitation content. A Facebook investigation was conducted on 150 people who posted exploitative child content. According to extensive research into these people’s Facebook behaviors, the majority of them did not intend to harm children. 

On the contrary, they appeared to justify child exploitation for different reasons, such as lack of humor or outrage. Zindagi Trust Founder Shehzad Roy said, ‘It is nice to see Facebook taking measures towards combating child abuse online.

Source: Specser