Eight-year-old Pakistani gymnast breaks Guinness world record for most Kip-ups in 30 seconds

The 8-year-old gymnast Jasim Mehsud from northwest Pakistan has set a new Guinness World Record of the most kip-ups in 30 secs. The youngster completed 27 kip-ups within the allotted time. A child athlete smashed the record previously held by a Swedish athlete. He is the student of Pakistan’s 43-time Guinness World Record holder Irfan Mehsud.

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In addition to this, five students of Irfan Mehsud have already been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. According to Irfan, Jasim broke the record in Dera Ismail Khan on July 2. He added that Jasim aims to become an international martial arts record holder.

Source: Irshad Gul