Dubai- based startup fighting ‘digital addiction’ in students to launch in Pakistan on Sept 15

Dubai-based mobile app Lock&Stock, which works to curb “digital addiction” among students, is all set to launch its operations in Pakistan on September 15, 2020. The app, founded in 2017 in the United Arab Emirates, rewards students for not using their phones while studying, working out and spending time with friends and family, among other activities. The Lock&Stock app works by locking up other apps in your phone while you use it.

Students can then use their rewards to redeem exclusive discounts from the app’s partner brands, apply for jobs and internships, and secure scholarships.

So far, 50,000 students have spent the equivalent of a combined 586 years and 12 weeks offline due to the app. In 2019 alone, Lock&Stock students secured over half a million dollars in scholarships and fee waivers at various universities around the world.

A major objective of the app, the Pakistan country head explained, was to link students with 100 global universities located in the United States, Europe, Turkey, and the UAE and make the admission process simpler.

Source: Arab News PK