Diamer-Bhasha: Protests come from Sindhis and India over dam construction

Prime Minister Imran Khan visited the construction site of Diamer-Bhasha Dam on Wednesday and inaugurated the project which was envisioned 50 years ago. However, shortly after his visit, people of Sindhi raised their voice against building of another dam on River Indus. India also lodged a protest to Pakistan and China over their joint efforts to construct Diamer-Bhasha Dam in disputed Kashmir.

A Twitter debate began soon after hashtag #SindhRejectsBhashaDam started trending on social media. According to some people of Sindh, the construction of the Dam is part of another controversy to hurt the people of Sindh. Many argued that a dam should not be built on Indus river as it is a major source of income through irrigation and agriculture. People even accused the state of favoring Punjab in favor of Sindh.

India, on the other hand, lodged a strong protest against the construction of the Diamer Basha Dam, stating that it will lead to the submergence of a large part of the land of J&K and Ladakh. India called the construction of the dam an attempt by Pakistan to bring about changes in Indian territories under its illegal occupation.

Source: ProPakistani