CCPO Lahore apologises for comments blaming victim in motorway gang-rape

Lahore Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Umer Sheikh apologised to the motorway gang-rape victim for his earlier remarks implying that she shared responsibility for her rape. Last week, two robbers gang-raped a mother of two on Lahore to Sialkot Motorway, while the woman waited for help in her car. Following the incident, the CCPO invited criticism for victim-blaming comments.

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Speaking to reporters today, the CCPO said that he had “apologised earlier as well”.

“I did not mean anything wrong or [to give a wrong] perception and if any misunderstanding was caused because of me, then I apologise from the depths of my heart to my sister who was abused and to all sections of society who were saddened or angered.”

Source: Dawn