Suspect in motorway gang-rape case confesses to crime

An accomplice of the main suspect in the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway gang-rape case has confessed to the crime. Shafqat Ali, with whom key suspect Abid used to commit crimes, confessed to gang-raping a woman when her car had broken down on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway on Sept 9 even before his DNA test was carried out. The key suspect Abid Ali remains at large.

An official DNA test of Shafqat, a resident of Bahawalnagar who was arrested from Dipalpur, would still be conducted soon, the sources said, adding that the sample taken from him has already matched the one obtained from the rape survivor.

No official conclusive DNA report has been issued yet, the sources clarified.

Shafqat is the second suspected rapist apart from Abid Ali, they added, and that Waqarul Hassan Shah and Abbas were not suspects anymore.

They said Waqar claimed that Abid had links to Shafqat and his brother-in-law, Abbas, the latter of whom has been detained. Shafqat was then arrested from Dipalpur after being traced through his phone SIM card.

The DNA samples obtained from Shafqat were sent to the laboratory for testing.

Source: The News