Public demands Lahore CCPO’s resignation for putting the blame on motorway rape victim

Lahore Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Umar Shaikh’s insensitive comments on the heinous motorway rape incident has drawn sharp criticism from public and demand for his resignation #RemoveCCPOLahore has become top trend on Twitter. Sheikh, who has been tasked to probe the rape of a woman on the Motorway, started his investigation by questioning why the woman was out late at night on a deserted route.

The CCPO noted that the affected family departed Defence area of Lahore after midnight and took the Motorway route instead of GT Road, that too without adequate fuel. “The woman called her brother instead of police and her brother telephoned the Motorway Police at 1:30am to send a police mobile,” the CCPO said while talking to a private news channel.

Shaikh maintained the victim should have checked the fuel in her car before travelling as there is no petrol station on the Motorway. In a further clarification of his comments, the CCPO stated that, Pakistani society is unsafe for unaccompanied women, and men should be more careful. 

Source: The News