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Indian firm turns buses into women’s toilets: washroom on wheels

Indian firm has turned buses into women’s toilets “washroom on wheels” in a bid to provide hygienic public toilets to women across the country. For a relatively affordable Indian five-rupee-fee, any woman can board the toilet to use the facilities, breastfeed babies or purchase sanitary napkins and diapers. Launched in 2016 by entrepreneurs Ulka Sadalkar and Rajeev Kher, the “Ti Toilet” project — “ti” means “her” in the local Marathi language .

UK Declares Nikkah an Invalid Marriage Ceremony

Nikkah will no longer be considered a valid marriage ceremony in the United Kingdom. The Court of Appeal in the country has reversed an earlier decision from two years ago, which declared it a legal way of marriage.Judges said the fact they intended to have a further civil ceremony meant they must have known their Islamic marriage had no legal effect in the UK.

Solis Festival Islamabad trashed by crashers, canceled midway

The fourth edition of the EDM festival, Solis, in Islamabad last night was trashed by crashes and was canceled midway. According to a tweet, the show was crashed by people who did not have the tickets but the Solis Music and Arts Festival team immediately took to Instagram to issue an apology and explain the situation. 

Suzuki offers free registration for Wagon R buyers

Suzuki is offering free registration on the purchase of the WagonR for a limited time in a bid to increase its sales. Suzuki saw a substantial decrease in in sales in the past few months as only 576 units were sold in January, being the lower-ever sales.The offer is valid till 31st March and is applicable only on the WagonR.

Tunisian woman completes 53-day journey to Makkah on bicycle

A Tunisian national, Sara Haba, has become the first woman to reach Makkah on a bicycle.  She started off from her home country Tunisia and cycled for over 53 days to Makkah covering a distance of more than 3,000 kilometres. Haba travelled across the deserts in Egypt and Sudan and documented her journey on Instagram and YouTube. 

University administration orders students to delete TikTok accounts

The administration of Peshawar’s Islamia College University has forced its students to delete their TikTok short video sharing accounts after receiving complaints against them. After being annoyed with the addictive usage of the TikTok, the varsity administration took action by ordering five students to delete their accounts. A student has also registered a complaint to Prime Minister’s complaint cell against the excessive usage of TikTok which could create problems for female students. 

New York shop offers free food for solving math problems

A New York City convenience store cashier is going viral for allowing his customers to load up on free food and snacks by solving math problems. Alwan, a 20-year-old college student, started giving his customers five seconds to pick out whatever they wanted. He pays for all the products from his own pocket. This is his way of giving back to the community who mostly come from low-income households. 

There is a town called Lahore in Virginia, U.S

There is a little town called Lahore in the Orange County, Virginia, U.S. In 2007, Noor Naghmi, the son of Abul Hasan Naghmi, a Pakistani broadcaster, brought the town to the news, before that no one knew about it. The town has existed since the 1850s and as the story goes, it was named by a couple who visited the Lahore in Punjab when there was no Pakistan.

British Airways sets flight record with help from Storm Ciara

British Airways has set the fastest subsonic transatlantic flight record after a little help from Storm Ciara. The New York to London journey was completed in four hours and 56 minutes, 80 minutes faster than the estimated travel time. The plane, a Boeing 747-436, reached speeds of 1,327 km/h as it rode a jet stream accelerated by Storm Ciara. 

Swedish researchers discover ‘Allah’ written on ancient viking clothes

Ancient vikings had the words ‘Allah’ and ‘Ali’ woven with silk and silver thread  into their funeral clothes, according to a discovery made by Swedish researchers. The breakthrough was made by textile archaeologist Annika Larsson of Uppsala University while re-examining the remnants of burial costumes. The discovery is raising new questions about the influence of Islam in Scandinavia.