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Pakistan’s first female Google Developer Expert in machine learning

Aqsa Kausar, an engineering graduate from the National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) became the first Google Developer Expert (GDE) in machine learning i.e.the application of Artificial Intelligence. Organising different workshops in various events was one of her contributions in the field including Google’s Machine Learning Train-the-Trainer session recently held in Singapore. Aqsa is currently working with a Software firm Red Buffer which she believes had an immense role in her journey to become a GDE. 

App to call Rescue 1122 fire brigade and ambulance in KPK

The online ride-hailing company, Careem is offering the service of Rescue 1122 frire brigade and ambulance on a trail basis in Peshawar. These services can be availed from Careem application by only 50,000 people in selected areas in the city for now but will later be extended to other regions. This facility can be used for handling different emergencies such as road accidents, medical emergency, fire, natural calamities etc

Plastic eggs being sold in Karachi; sellers arrested

Sindh Food Authority (SFA) conducted a raid on a retailer shop located in Clifton, Karachi and recovered at least three crates of plastic eggs and arrested four people including the shop owner for selling fake eggs for consumption. Over 100 creates of fake eggs in a supply van were also confiscated and sent to laboratory for further testing. SFA along with Sindh police also raided the shops in the area for further inspection. 

Largest book store in Pakistan closing down

Saeed Book Bank, largest book store in Pakistan after struggling with heavy taxes and a decline in printed book sales is on the verge of collapse. Book readers have expressed dismay at the news, with twitter users highlighting the significance of book stores for future generations. Rise in prices of imported books due to the down-gradation of trade ties with India is one of the reasons for the expected closure of the bookstore. 

Did you know? In 2014 Korean students made a raft out of potato chips

In 2014, a group of four South Korean friends tried to prove just how much nitrogen air is stuffed in packets of potato chips. The students agitated by increasing gas content, built a raft by tying together 160 unopened bags of potato crisps. Then two of them stepped aboard and paddled it for 1.3km (0.62 miles) across the Han River, watched by nearly 200 spectators.

The sky rains diamonds on Neptune and Uranus.

Scientists believe that extreme high pressures on Neptune and Uranus squeeze carbon atoms in the atmosphere, allowing diamond rain to fall. The diamonds eventually sink into the planet, coming to rest at its solid core, forming a layer of diamond around it. Much larger diamonds may even form there, some speculate, perhaps weighing hundreds or even thousands of pounds.