Author: Osama Tabasam

Women Gets Justice After Petitioning PM Imran Khan For Outstanding Payments

The Punjab police said Monday that a woman from Lahore finally received Rs472,000 from Imran Asghar who refused to pay pending rent and maintenance expenses. Punjab police shared a video on Twitter of the woman saying both parties had reached an agreement. Moreover, the other party had paid the outstanding amount and withdrawn the complaint.

PIA is resuming Ali Sadpara Air Safari Service from 12 June to promote tourism

A new project, Ali Sadpara Air Safari Service, to promote tourism in Pakistan is to be launched in a couple of weeks by the state airline PIA. This service is named after the prominent mountaineer, Ali Sadpara, who died, along with two other mountaineers, on their quest to conquer Mount K2 during the winter.

UAE signs tax treaty with Israel to boost economic cooperation

According to Israel’s Finance Ministry, UAE signs tax treaty with Israel, paving the way for business development between the two states after normalizing relations last year. In 2022, if the convention is ratified by the Israeli parliament and ministers, it will become the 59th tax convention Israel has signed. Moreover, the agreement limits tax deductions, profits, and royalties.

Geo News sacks senior journalist Hamid Mir after military outburst

Hamid Mir, a senior Pakistani journalist, was recently banned from hosting his talk show, Capital Talk, because of his ‘anti-establishment remarks.’️ The news was first announced by Mir himself, who said that he anticipated the suspension. He has been barred twice before, Mir said. During a recent rally supporting journalist Asad Toor, Mir made a salient comment that raised many questions.

EU envoy says Pakistan has highest percentage of women peacekeepers in world

The European Union’s envoy to Pakistan tweeted, one day after the ‘International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers,’ Pakistan has the highest percentage of women peacekeepers in the world. Over the past six decades, Pakistan has contributed significantly to UN peacekeeping. In addition, statement issued by Pakistan’s foreign ministry stated that the country values the vital role played by ‘blue helmets’

First reverse vending machine for plastics installed in Islamabad

Malik Amin Aslam, Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on Climate Change, launched the nation’s first reverse vending machine (RVM) for plastics in Islamabad. Consequently, anyone can now easily recycle the plastic bottles of any brand. A consumer presses the start button on a touch screen. After that, the RVM opens a slot to receive the plastic bottle.

Kuwait lifts ban on family & business visa of Pakistani nationals after 10 years

Kuwaiti government announced on Sunday the immediate resumption of different visa categories, including those for business and family travel for Pakistanis. Pakistani work visas were outlawed in Kuwait in 2011 despite previous attempts to lift the restrictions. As previously stated, Kuwait announced the ban during the visit of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to Kuwait. Despite the decision, it was not implemented.

Pakistani martial arts athlete breaks Guinness World Record for most push-ups in one minute

A world record set by Spanish athlete Alejandro Soler Tari was beaten yet again by Pakistani martial arts athlete Irfan Mehsud from the South Waziristan tribal district. In a minute, Irfan Mehsud did the most push-ups carrying a 100lb pack. The world’s record for push-ups in one minute was 49. Irfan did 55 push-ups in one minute, surpassing that record

Health Ministry calls death of people after 2 years of COVID19 vaccination, a fake report

There is a rash of misleading claims on social media about vaccinations against Covid-19. In a statement attributed to a Nobel Prize winner, it is said that people who get vaccinated against the deadly virus might die within two years of doing so. On different social media platforms, the claim has been widely shared.

Agreement between Russia & Pakistan to build pipeline from Karachi to Lahore is biggest deal in decades

Russia & Pakistan signed a deal to build a major gas pipeline connecting southern Karachi port with industrial hubs in the north. According to media reports, it’s the biggest deal between Moscow and Islamabad since the 1970s. On Friday, Russia’s Energy Minister Nikolay Shulginov and Pakistan’s Ambassador, Shafqat Ali Khan, signed a revised agreement for the project. Moreover, the project is now open for construction.