Author: Osama Tabasam

Chinese visitors in awe of Pakistan’s culture at Shanghai exhibition

Pakistan’s national costume culture exhibition, “Threads of Pakistan,” is open to celebrate 70 years of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China in Shanghai. Likewise, Chinese visitors laud the beauty of the Pakistani showpieces. Organizers of the exhibition include the National Institute of Folk & Traditional Heritage – Lok Virsa, Consulate General of Pakistan in Shanghai.

Bella Hadid says she doesn’t condone violence against the Jewish community

American model Bella Hadid condemned those using the pro-Palestine movement as an excuse to attack Jewish people. Note that she is the daughter of a Palestinian father, Anwer Hadid. Bella Hadid reportedly sparked accusations of advocating shredding Jews after she attended a pro-Palestinian protest in New York on Sunday. Therefore, she said that everyone deserves the right to feel safe.

Armed man tries to attack Imam’s pulpit in Makkah Grand Mosque

Haramain Sharifain released a video showing a man in Ihram trying to reach the Imam’s pulpit in Mecca where he was preaching. The incident happens during the Friday sermon in the Grand Mosque of Makkah. There were several incidents like this at Al-Haram Mosque in Makkah. Sharifain later cited the reasons why security guards accompany Imams in Haramain in a tweet.

Bangladesh’s per capita income has exceeded that of Pakistan and India.

It is estimated that Bangladesh’s per capita income has crossed the per capita income of India and Pakistan. Bangladesh’s GDP reached $2,227 per capita in the financial year 2020-21, ranking 35th in the world. Reports suggest that India has a per capita income of $1,947. This is $280 less than that of Bangladesh.

German health authorities declared Britain a virus carrying region

German health authorities declared Britain and Northern Ireland a virus-carrying region, thus requiring the residence of British citizens in Germany for two weeks following arrival. A coronavirus strain first identified in India spread to Britain. “The German government wants to play it safe during this critical phase of the vaccination campaign.” “Any problems with mutations need to be prevented as far as possible.”

PM Boris Johnson honours four Pakistanis for their humanitarian efforts

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson honours four Pakistanis for their humanitarian efforts. He granted the rewards to a campaign, ‘Points of Light Award’, founded by four Pakistanis. They were providing exceptional service to the NHS, homeless people in the UK. In 2020, a group of Pakistani people staryed a campaign known as “One Million Meals”.

GI Registration: 10 Pakistani Products Approved For Geographical Indication Registration

The Government of Pakistan has approved ten goods for GI registration to claim them as the products of Pakistan in the international market. A federal law was in March 2020 calling for the registration of geographical indications and protecting Pakistan’s products. The first phase of GI registration will include Chaunsa Mango, Hunza Ruby, Kinnow, Kashmir Tourmaline, Peridot Stone, Peridot Valley.

In a bid to boost IT industry, Punjab government decides to set up two software parks

Pakistan signed two MoUs for the establishment of software technology parks in Rawalpindi & Faisalabad on Thursday in order to boost its IT industry. The first-ever software technology park will set up at Sitara Chemical’s Ali Fatima College of Science & Technology in Faisalabad. In addition, the software technology park in Rawalpindi will set up in the future at the Amazon Outlet Mall.

FM Qureshi says Israel is losing out as the tide is turning

Shah Mahmood Qureshi, the foreign minister for Pakistan, has said Israel is losing out, and the tide is turning. They are losing the media war, he said, despite their connections. He commented during an interview with CNN on Thursday in New York, where he also addressed the emergency session of the United Nations General Assembly on Palestine.