Author: Osama Tabasam

Rosie Gabrielle, Canadian traveler, accuses local tourists of destroying Hunza’s culture

Rosie Gabrielle, a famous Canadian traveler who often travels around the world on a motorbike, wrote an extensive post on social media regarding the situation in Hunza. As tourism resumed after the third Covid wave, many tourists headed to northern Pakistan to see a change of scenery. Nonetheless, the tourists who visited the area overflowed with trash, which shattered the

Foodpanda to provide cash incentives for vaccination riders worth Rs. 1 crore

Foodpanda announced a cash incentive of PKR 1 crore to assist in the government’s initiative of mass vaccine distribution. Riders who present vaccination certificates at the rider center will receive a cash incentive. In addition, Foodpanda’s COVID-19 vaccination drive is the latest effort to prevent the disease in Pakistan.

Biden‌ ‌appoints Pakistani-born Lina M. Khan to regulate Tech giants Facebook, Google, and Apple

The first Pakistani-American, Lina M. Khan, legal expert and big tech critic sworn in as chairwomen on Monday. In addition, she became the youngest leader of the Federal Trade Commission. Moreover, she is now responsible for consumer protection and enforcement of civil antitrust laws. On Tuesday, President Biden’s nominee, Lina M. Khan, was confirmed by the Senate with 69 votes to 28 votes, replacing Joseph Simons.

As a tribute to his profession, Philippines web designer names his son HTML

This child’s unique name, HTML, has gone viral after a Facebook post announcing its birth in the Philippines. HTML, Hypertext Mark-up Language, was introduced last Thursday via a Facebook post from his aunt. Mac Pascual, the father who works as a web developer, choose the unusual name in honor of his profession.

Coca-Cola loses billions after Cristiano Ronaldo ditches Coke for water

CR7 removed Coca-Cola bottles from his Euro 2020 press conference, causing the company’s market value to plummet by $4 billion. In advance of Portugal’s match against Hungary on Monday, Cristiano Ronaldo was giving a press conference when the soft drinks were placed by his seat. He removed them from view and urged people to “drink water instead.”

Ayesha Chundrigar, animal rights activist, rescues caged animals from Empress Market

Ayesha Chundrigar has taken to Karachi’s streets once again to raise awareness of animals’ lives. Ayesha Chundrigar with her ACF team stepped in to rescue the animals in Empress market. By conveying the message of why these animals’ lives matter, they tried to guide the shopkeepers. ​In addition, the Empress market is one of Karachi’s worst animal welfare places.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme now offers houses to daily wagers

Pakistan’s Naya Pakistan Housing & Development Authority (NPHDA) is developing a new system to provide houses to daily wagers. In addition, the new model will assist daily wage earners with low incomes to benefit from the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, according to the organization’s spokesperson, Asim Shaukat Ali. An 11-year-old project that included 1,000 apartments and 500 homes was finally completed.

Saudi Arabia permits women to perform Hajj without male guardian

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced that Saudi Arabia permits women to perform Hajj without a male guardian. According to the Saudi Ministry, women do not need a male guardian to register for this year’s Hajj and can do so along with other women. However, approximately 60,000 pilgrims(Saudi Citizens) will be allowed this year, to perform Hajj.

PM Imran Khan to launch country’s first national emergency helpline 911

PM Imran Khan will likely launch the first national emergency helpline 911 on July 25. The government has set a tentative deadline for the launch of Pakistan Emergency Helpline (PEHL). In addition, the new number, 911, will bring together all the emergency services in Pakistan. Moreover, taking its cue from the USA’s emergency number 911, the Prime Minister secretariat adapted this concept to give the scheme its national character.

Pakistan seeks Russian assistance to procure five million Sputnik vaccines

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah M. Qureshi appealed to Russia to help Pakistan acquire 5M doses of Sputnik vaccines. Qureshi hopes that dialogue mechanisms, such as Pakistan-Russia IGC and various joint working groups meetings, can resume in-person once the Covid-19 situation has normalized.