Accessibility to all: Hearing impaired, Nagina Tahir of DeafTawk wants to reduce the communication barrier

Nagina Tahir, brand ambassador of DeafTawk, was born deaf in Rawalpindi, but her inability to hear well did not pose any hurdles to her path towards self-recognition. After receiving her early education from Sir Syed College of special children in Fine Arts, Nagina travelled to the US for Disability Exchange Program where she experienced how accessible life can be for persons with disabilities.

Nagina now aims to work for the deaf community to become a guiding star for women like her. She is currently a brand ambassador of DeafTawk which is an online sign language interpretation services and also Executive Director of the National Forum for Women with Disabilities (NFWWD).

In order to increase accessibility to the deaf community, Nagina wants more and more people to learn sign language. To reduce the communication barrier, she wishes schools in Pakistan would incorporate basic knowledge of sign language in school curriculum.

Nagina also stresses on the lack of opportunities and importance given to the deaf in our community. She hopes better job opportunities are given and reserved for those from the deaf community.

Nagina recommends every Pakistani to use the DeafTawk app, to bridge the gap and help the deaf community.