While nation cries for rape victims, Mufti Masood enrages people by endorsing child marriages

Mufti Tariq Masood has enraged the Pakistani nation with insensitive comments relating to child marriage in a recent video that has gone viral. In the video, Mufti promises to find a young and virgin fourth wife for his followers, if they marry three divorcees or widows. “Mufti Tariq Masood will find you a 16-year-old or two eight-year-olds or four four year-olds”.

“Change my name if I don’t get you a fourth and virgin wife after you marry three widows or divorcees,” the mufti guarantees his followers not just one but either four or two minor brides as their fourth wife if they marry three widows or divorcees.

The Mufti has since then been lashed out extensively on social media. Users have claimed that the country already faces a great challenge with respect to pedophiles and rapists. But with such casual and insensitive attitude of the clerics, the issue is far from being resolved.