‘The Simpsons’ apparently predicted the Capitol Hill riots in 1996

On Wednesday, Donald Trump’s angry supporters wreaked havoc at the Capitol Hill, and the shocking incident was predicted by ‘The Simpson’ in 1996. As absurd it may sound, the animated series has predicted a great deal of events over the past. This time, an unearthed 1996 episode of the show titled The Day the Violence Died, features an angry mob inciting violence at the Capitol Hill.

In the episode, a freshly ratified, anthropomorphic amendment to the Constitution that makes it “legal for policemen to beat … those liberal freaks” is held atop the Capitol Hill steps. “Doors open, boys,” the amendment calls as a horde of gun-shooting, bomb-throwing amendments holler and run up the steps.

Another eerie screenshot from one of the episodes has been making rounds where an armed Homer can be seen sitting atop a house while his surroundings are set ablaze. The episode showed the glimpse of the future, dated around “January 20, 2021,” making the accuracy all the more shocking.

Source: Express Tribune