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Turkish dramas could destroy the local industry, says Yasir Hussain

Ever since PTV started airing Dirilis Ertugrul, it has been the subject of many debates and it could destroy the local industry, according to Yasir Hussain. Hussain also shared something, and from the looks of it, he is not happy. Taking to Instagram, he shared,” PTV should make decent dramas and use our own actors and technicians. Those actors which are capable and pay their taxes. Both [Imported] clothes and Turkish dramas can destroy the local industry.”

Iqra Aziz declares Yasir Hussain the ‘best chef’

Actor Yasir Hussain has received the ‘Best Chef Certificate’ from his wife Iqra Aziz Hussain for his ‘Pyar Ka Pulao’. Yasir Hussain cooked pulao his wife, Iqra during their honeymoon in Sri Lanka. Iqra shared a photo on Instagram awarding him the certificate. Yasir also shared the same photo on his Instagram story and wrote, “Pulao jis pe mujhy yeh aizaaz mila”. 

The Lux Style Awards proposal that has the nation talking

Famed couple of Lollywood, Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain, recently got engaged in an on-air proposal during the Lux Style Awards. The viral video of the intimate proposal has the whole nation talking, with comments ranging from severe criticism to utmost praise for Yasir’s courage. Star Hamza Ali Abbasi also came out for the couple’s support in a Tweet.