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Waqar Zaka claims he can settle Pakistan’s debt if allowed to run the country

Every few months, Pakistan television host Waqar Zaka makes it to the headlines for reasons unusual in most ways. This time around, the crypto entrepreneur has claimed that he can pay off Pakistan’s debts with ‘cryptocurrency’ if Prime Minister Imran Khan steps down and lets him run the country. Waqar then challenged politicians to give a better solution. 

Waqar Zaka to challenge PUBG ban in Sindh High Court

Host Waqar Zaka has said that he will be filing a petition in the Sindh High Court to lift the ban on PUBG. In the latest video on his YouTube channel, Zaka said the move has been made by those who want to “prevent the youth of Pakistan from excelling in e-sports” and also do not want Pakistan to excel in e-commerce. 

‭Waqar Zaka moves SHC for a uniform education system across country‬

In a petition, moved by television celebrity Waqar Zaka through his counsel, it was pleaded before a two-member bench that the state was obliged to provide free and uniform education. The contender argued that outdated curriculum was being taught at educational institutes, requesting the court to direct the government to introduce uniform curriculum supported by modern sciences and technology.