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Visually impaired Pakistani student wins Rhodes scholarship to Oxford

Visually impaired Pakistani student, Khansa Maria, will be pursuing a Masters in evidence-based policy intervention and social evaluation at the Oxford University next fall, as Pakistan’s 2021 Rhodes Scholar-elect. Khansa currently attends Georgetown’s Qatar campus where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s in foreign service, with a concentration in culture and politics. Owing to her visual impairment, Khansa had to face many struggles while studying in Pakistan.

Pakistani girl designs a sewing machine for the visually impaired

Aqsa Ajmal, an Industrial Designer designed a sewing machine for the visually impaired and presented the concept for the Lexus Design Award 2020. Miss Ajmal completed her degree from he NUST School of Art, Design, and Architecture. Even though she struggled with grades but overcame her struggles and became one of the 6 finalists for the award. Her friend, who lost eyesight during a devastating accident, inspired her.