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Adnan Siddiqui apologises to Sarfaraz Ahmed after crass speech impairment joke

Adnan Siddiqui after mimicking the former cricket team captain Sarfaraz Ahmed in Jeeto Pakistan, apologized for his act. Siddiqui apologized during live show and said that he did not mean to say anything in that way. He apologized to Sarfaraz’s fans and friends and said that he did not mean to upset them. Adnan again asked if Sarfaraz was mad at him to which the cricketer confirmed No. 

Adnan Siddiqui upsets fans by mocking Sarfaraz Ahmed

Adnan Siddiqui caused an uproar on Twitter when a video of him mocking Sarfaraz Ahmed started going viral. The two were part of Fahad Mustafa’s game show Jeeto Pakistan and a certain clip from the program started circulating where Siddiqui is seen not just joking at the cricket captain’s expense but ridiculing his speech.