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Pakistan braces for flood yet again after unusual monsoon rains in India

PMD’s Flood Forecasting Division has issued a flood warning in Ravi, Sutlej, and Chenab rivers following heavy monsoon rains in India. While Pakistan is already reeling from the devastating floods and economic crisis induced by it, another flood is likely to hit the country as water levels in the mentioned rivers are expected to rise significantly on 17 and 18 September.

Utility stores officers caught selling relief ration bags

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has filed an FIR against Utility Stores Corporation employees in Sukkur for selling ration bags reserved for flood-affected people in the open market. Note here that the Utility Stores are government operated and run by government employees which has raised eyebrows on the transparency of flood relief operations carried out in parts of Pakistan, especially Sindh. 

Pakistan floods: Diseases may kill more people than done by rains and flood

With an estimated five million people at risk of various diseases after being displaced across the country following heavy rains and floods, medicines worth over a billion rupees are immediately needed. Health experts have made a passionate appeal to the government and NGOs to send medical equipment and medicines “immediately,” warning that the diseases may kill more people than done by rains and floods.