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Pakistan’s renowned martial artist records 60th Guinness World Record

Pakistan’s renowned martial artist Irfan Mehsood has achieved another milestone after his 60th Guinness World Record was approved for the highest standing jump carrying a 60lb pack. The previous record for the highest standing jump was held by Silvio Sabba of Italy. Irfan said the highest standing jump he did carrying a 60 Ib pack was 96 cm (3 ft 1.79 in). 

8-year-old becomes the youngest to win big at Martial Arts Championship

Muhammad Abubakr Farooq, hailing from Chakwal, Pakistan has recently created history at the Martial Arts Championship by becoming the youngest British-Pakistani to bag three medals.. The 8 year old won medals in different categories, bronze in self defence, silver in fighting and gold in weapons. He believes this would not have been possible for him without his parents and trainer’s support. According to his father, Abubakr is a inspiration for all the kids.