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Wedding held in Lahore Fort’s 400-year-old kitchen

In violation of the Punjab government’s regulations, a wedding event was held in the over 400-year-old royal kitchen in the Lahore Fort. The incident was first reported on Twitter, where pictures from the mehindi event were uploaded, triggering a public outcry. The Fort has been recognized by the UNESCO as an endangered monument and has been listed as a World Heritage Site in Danger.

Heavy rain causes damage to historical Lahore Fort

Continuous downpour in Lahore has adversely affected the historical Shahi Qila. As a result of accumulation of rainwater, the entrance and small gate of the Lahore fort has collapsed. The historical Shahi Qila has been listed among the world heritage sites by UNESCO since 1981. However, the much known piece of architecture from Mughal era has been ignored by the local authorities.