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Trump allows Huwaei to do business after talks with Chinese President

The President of United States has allowed U.S. companies to sell their equipment to Huawei, after talks were held between China’s President. Trump revealed at a news conference following the Group of 20 summit in Osaka, Japan that the trade was only being allowed on that equipment which did not pose a threat to the US national security.

Apple’s iPhone 11 might have a squared triple lens camera system

As Apple gears for the launch of iPhone 11 this fall, market speculations about the new phones suggest that Apple will introduce three new iPhones with minimal design changes. Following Samsung’s and Huawei’s recent launches, Apple is expected is introduce a round square shaped triple lens back camera system to the new iPhones, along with the ability to charge other device.

Huawei quietly launches 5G lab in South Korea

Chinese tech giant, Huawei, in a low-key ceremony, has launched first open 5G services development center at Junggu district of Seoul, South Korea. Huawei plans to invest $5 Million in this open 5G lab that will allow them build a 5G ecosystem through cooperation with a number of South Korean ICT companies and small-and-medium enterprises. The company kept other details discreet.