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Hamza Ali Abbasi says he just took a break from acting to give time to religion

Hamza Ali Abbasi has said that he just took a long break from acting to give more time to religion and will make and may act in projects made within boundaries Almighty Allah has set for us. The former actor was responding to a fan on Twitter when she said “Really wish Hamza hadn’t quit acting.”

Hamza Ali Abbasi condemns violence against Muslims in Delhi

Former actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has urged the international community to take notice of the violence against Muslims in India’s capital New Delhi. A mosque was set on fire and 18 people were killed on Tuesday after supporters of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) attacked anti-CAA protest sit-ins. Taking to Twitter, Abbasi slammed the Hindutva activists’ atrocities against the peaceful protesters. He urged the world powers to take notice of human rights violations in India.

Hamza Ali Abbasi says don’t mock religion, show sympathy

Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi took to social media on Tuesday to clarify somethings about religion and the coronavirus. In a tweet, he said: “Azaab in this world ONLY comes to munkireen of a Rasool when he is among them, for the rest, there is the Judgment Day. Whether it be a virus outbreak or an earthquake, these are means to bring death on centre stage as a reminder for all. Show sympathy. May Allah protect us all.”

Hamza Abbasi quits entertainment industry to devote life to Islam

In a 23 minute video titled ‘From Atheism to Islam’ released on social media, Hamza Abbasi announced that he will be quitting the entertainment industry. In the video, Abbasi clarified that he is quitting acting not because it is forbidden in Islam, but because he wants to do something different in order to spread the message of God.  Hamza also