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Pakistani fisherman fight the mighty Chinese for food in country’s deep-sea fishing waters

While a new fishing policy is expected, local fisherman fear they will be left with no food as 12 Chinese deep-sea trawlers docked at the port of Karachi last month. Pakistani fishermen fear government’s plan to allow Chinese companies to carry out deep-sea fishing in territorial waters could threaten survival of at least three million people who depend on the sea for livelihood.

China’s high-security compound in Gwadar indicates Naval foothold

A new high-security compound built in Gwadar, visible in recent satellite images has come to attention of international analysts. While, the compound has been identified as being used by the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC Ltd), it has anti-vehicle berms, security fences and a high wall. Sentry posts and elevated guard towers cover the perimeter between the fence and the inner wall. 

Seaside container library pops up at Gwadar Beach

A new library has been set up inside a container at Gwadar beach, providing book-lovers the perfect ambience for some good, old-fashioned reading. It is an initiative of a group of NGO volunteers, the seaside container library is 40-feet long and 10-feet wide, located at the city’s western seashore. It can accommodate at least 10 people at one time and avid readers can enjoy a whopping 5,000 books on science and technology, law, and literature. 

China to set up 19 new factories in Gwadar

Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing has announced that China will be setting up 19 factories in Gwadar. Yao Jing said that the measure will help create job opportunities for Balochistan’s youth. “China seeks to contribute to the development of Balochistan’s mining, agriculture, fisheries and water sectors while the Chinese consulate is easing visa procedure for the provincial business community,” said Jing.

23 years tax exemption granted to Chinese company investing in Gwadar

Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Haider Zaidi has announced that government has granted tax exemption to China Overseas Ports Holding Company (COPHC) for 23 years to facilitate establishment of its industrial units at Gwadar Port. COPHC would get tax exemption for installation of machinery, as a step towards relocation of Chinese manufacturing industry in Gwadar and engaging local labour.