China’s high-security compound in Gwadar indicates Naval foothold

A new high-security compound built in Gwadar, visible in recent satellite images has come to attention of international analysts. While, the compound has been identified as being used by the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC Ltd), it has anti-vehicle berms, security fences and a high wall. Sentry posts and elevated guard towers cover the perimeter between the fence and the inner wall.

The compound has several layers of defense, including raised sentry posts. H I SUTTON

The compound with an extensive level of security, is expected to be a Chinese Naval base, reports of which came out in early 2018. Other than one large compound, there are also two smaller sites built in the last year with rows of blue-roofed buildings. It has been suggested that these might be barracks for a Chinese Marine Corps garrison, where China was reportedly deploying marines back in March 2017.

However, reports of a Naval base have not been officially confirmed. The heightened security could also be in response to an attack on the Chinese Consulate in Karachi on November 23 2018, and on a hotel in Gwadar on May 11 2019. Nonetheless, with a Naval base, China’s military capabilities in the Indian Ocean will certainly be strengthened.

Source: Forbes