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Pakistani girls bag three Guinness World titles after defeating India and Sweden

Two Pakistani girls have bagged three titles in total from the Guinness World Records after defeating India and Sweden. Emma Alam from Karachi, broke 2 world records, and teammate Syeda Kisa Zehra, broke 1 World Record. Both Alam and Zehra broke the world record in fictional dates previously held by India; however, the latter scored higher than the former’s record and thus got the Guinness World Records title.

Young Pakistani girl breaks multiple records, wins World Memory Championship

Young Pakistani girl, Emma Alam, broke multiple world records as she won the 29th World Memory Championships global finals, beating over 300 competitors from all across the world. Emma became the first Pakistani ever to win the World Memory Championship. Emma has been making the country proud in various competitions over the years, raking in countless trophies and medals.