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Rs400,000 electric car introduced in Pakistan for the first time

A Karachi based company, Crown Group has introduced its own range of electric cars in Pakistan. The company displayed a number of environmentally friendly vehicles, including motorcycles, auto-rickshaws, cars and ambulances, which it says are energy efficient. The starting price for an electric car, a pilot project, is Rs400,000. It’s a two-door hatchback with a seating capacity of two persons.

Porsche to be the next contender in global electric car market

German car manufacturer, Porsche intends to be the next contender in global electric car market, aiming to make 50 per cent of its production electric by 2050. Porsche’s North American chief, Klaus Zellmer said he has set out plans to overtake market leader Tesla. From 2021 Porsche intends to sell a fully electric version of its SUV, the Macan, which would compete directly against Tesla’s Y model.