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Diamond Foam’s Islamic mattress is real but viral ad is fake

Diamond Foam’s recently introduced “Islamic” mattress, the first of its kind in Pakistan, went viral after an ad of the product started circulated on social media. Diamond Foam officials have stated that while the mattress is real, the artwork is fake. The Islamic mattress by Diamond Foam has been engineered to comfort people who follow the Islamic way of sleeping.

Molty Foam sues Diamond Supreme Foam for using the phrase ‘Papa Jaani’

Pakistan’s leading mattress brands have begun a legal fight over the phrase ‘Papa Jaani’. Diamond Supreme Foam has received a copyright infringement notice from PEMRA, claiming that Papa Jaani is a trademarked phrase. The court immediately accepted Molty Foam’s complaint and has barred Diamond Supreme from running the campaign and ordered to take down the advertisement which began earlier last month.