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Pakistan’s 3 point slips does not reflect increase in corruption: TI Pakistan

Transparency International’s Pakistan chapter made a clarification regarding Pakistan’s three spot slip stating that it did not reflect an increase of decrease in corruption. A statement quoted TI Pakistan Chairman Advocate Sohail Muzzafar as saying that the score falling from 33 to 32 was “within the standard margin of error”. He pointed out that score lowered from 88 to 87 for Denmark, which was least corrupt country in 2018 and 2019.

Philippines President asks public to ‘shoot’ corrupt public officials

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte told Filipinos that they could “shoot but not kill” corrupt public officials. “If you pay taxes, fees, clearances or whatever, and these fools ask for a bribe, slap them. If you have a gun, you can shoot them, but don’t kill,” he remarked during his speech at the inauguration of Bataan government center and business hub.

‭All corruption convicts must pay fine, even the dead‬: CJP

While hearing a case pertaining to a sentence awarded to a former government employee found guilty of corruption, Chief Justice of Pakistan, Asif Saeed Khosa remarked that anyone convicted of corruption has to pay due fine, even if dead. He added that extra time spent in prison does not compensate for the looted money, which has to be returned.